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AHS Survey Finds Increase In Heartworm Cases

Is heartworm incidence up or down in your practice area?

The latest American Heartworm Society Heartworm Incidence Survey has uncovered both challenges and opportunities for veterinarians in practice. On one hand, heartworm incidence has inched upwards in the three years since the AHS survey was last conducted. On the other hand, the power to reverse this upward trend is, quite literally, in our hands.

The Truth About Testing in Cats

Feline heartworm disease (HWD) has a low index of suspicion and is significantly under-diagnosed. Knowing when to test cats for HWD—and whether to test them—is important. The challenge boils down to this:  no single test can accurately detect heartworms at all stages in cats. Thoroughly understanding the limitations of antigen and antibody tests is necessary to utilizing these assays with confidence.

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